How to Apply for Canadian Scholarships 2022: The Definitive Guide

The Definitive guide about how to apply for Canadian scholarships in the top universities of Canada with step-by-step process.

According to (IRCC) Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, as per the data 528,190 foreign student study in Canada at the top universities of Canada that are the best universities of Canada as well as the leading universities of the globe that provide the best academic education. As per the student’s choice, Canada has overtaken the US, as we can see the increment in the magnitude of foreign students. Canada has become a hub of colleges and universities. The cost of studying and living in Canada can be high, that’s why many colleges and universities offer scholarships to international students to help them to finance their studies in Canada.

how to apply for Canadian scholarships
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Top Scholarships for International Students in Canada

Before getting to know about how to apply for Canadian scholarships, You should have a list of Canadian scholarships for foreign students and their eligibility criteria.

The scholarships can be divided into three categories that are Canadian Government Scholarships, University offered Scholarships, and Non-University offered Scholarships. Here we summarise the list of popular scholarships for all categories with their eligibility criteria.

Scholarships offered by the Canadian Government

IDRC Research AwardsMasters and Doctoral Programs
OAS Academic ScholarshipsGraduate Program
Canadian Graduate ScholarshipsMaster or PhD program
Vanier Graduate ScholarshipsPhD program
Banting Fellowship ProgramPostgraduate program

University offered Scholarships

University of WaterlooMaster or PhD program
Carleton UniversityUndergraduate program
University of British ColumbiaUndergraduate program
Dalhousie UniversityBachelor/Master/PhD
Western UniversityAcademic Performance
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityBachelor/Master/PhD
University of TorontoGraduate Program
Humber CollegeUndergraduate program
York UniversityUndergraduate program
McGill UniversityGraduate and Postdoctoral program
Simon Fraser UniversityResearch-based graduates program
Queen’s UniversityUndergraduate and Graduate Program
University of ManitobaUndergraduate and Graduate Program
Quest UniversityUndergraduate program
University of AlbertaUndergraduate and Graduate Program
The University of SaskatchewanUndergraduate program
University of Toronto OntarioGraduate Program

Non-University offered Scholarships

Canada Memorial ScholarshipPostgraduate program
Trudeau Fellowships and ScholarshipsPhD Program
Anne Vallee Ecological FundResearch-Based Doctoral Program
Surfshark ScholarshipsUndergraduate and Graduate Program

Kaist scholarships

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Apply for Canadian Scholarships

This guide will help you in every step throughout your journey.

Right Time to Apply for Canadian Scholarships

The right time to apply for scholarships depends on the deadlines of the applications which are mentioned on the University or Scholarship Portal. If you have been chosen for your high academic performance on a particular scholarship, You are eligible without any application. Those who are willing to apply for the scholarship need to apply before the deadline.

Scholarships Value

The amount of money offered by the scholarships varies between institutions. You need to apply ahead of time before because getting a scholarship is very competitive. We recommend starting the procedure when it begins or at least 8-12 months before. If you are stuck in the middle, You can contact the scholarship provider.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for scholarship

Well, the first preference is to check out the eligibility criteria before applying for the scholarship. Then comes on the basics of scholarships.

  • Is the scholarship for national or international students?
  • What are the minimum academic qualifications?
  • Do you need to submit the written Essay or Assignment?
  • Aptitude test

Documents Required to Apply for Canadian Scholarships

Before applying for a scholarship, make sure to submit all the required and necessary documents. Some of the most common documents that most institutions require in the scholarship process, such as:

  • Properly filled scholarship application form
  • Copy of all academic transcripts or diploma
  • Copy of National Passport or ID
  • Letter of motivation or Statement of purpose
  • Aptitude Test Scores (GRE, GPA, GMAT, SAT, ACT, etc)
  • English Proficiency certificates like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Some institutions required additional documents, like written essays and medical reports.

When you have attached all the required documents with the scholarship application submit it before the deadline.

Application Process

The process begins to apply for the scholarship when you get accepted into Canadian University. Shortlist all the best scholarships that suit your fancy and check whether you are eligible or not.

Once you have done this, either contact the scholarship provider (financial aid representative) or look out for the information on their website like requirements, deadlines, etc.

Hope this guide will help you to apply for the Canadian scholarship. If you belong to Canada and know other important things regarding how to apply for Canadian scholarships. Comment down below to give more valuable information to international students.